The Central Issue in this Debate

Peter Enns again, this time cautioning us about being too quick to “know for sure” what topics the Apostle Paul meant to settle for us definitively by what he wrote. Theology, certainly; but questions of science? Perhaps we too casually assume that this ancient man was addressing our modern concerns.

Paul’s view on Adam is perhaps the central issue in this debate among Evangelicals. But the entire question turns on whether Paul’s comments on Adam are prepared to settle what can and cannot be concluded about human origin on the basis of scientific investigation.

Citing a few verses as transparent prooftexts does not relieve us of the necessary hermeneutical work of what to do with Paul’s words. Paul’s view of Adam does not end the discussion, as DeYoung thinks; it begins it.

via Thoughts on Kevin DeYoung’s Restless Comments on the Historical Adam | Peter Enns.

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