On God, Shooting Children, and Having No Answers

Peter Enns — an Old Testament scholar well known in evangelical Christian circles for engaging in the “historical Adam” debates about Bible and evolution — comments on the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.

Well, like I said, who cares what I think. But these moments test one’s faith more than most. And it makes other “challenges to our faith,” like whether there was a historical Adam or whether the Bible was written after the return from Babylonian exile, look like a splash in a shallow puddle compared to the deep, black, ocean storm of 5 year olds getting shot because they went to school one day.

I can easily get my arms around a God whose book begins with a mythic story of a naked first couple holding a conversation with a serpent, or a Bible that wasn’t written until the 5th century BC. But yesterday? There is nothing “easy” about it.

And from later in his post:

If you believe in God, there will always come a point — and sooner than we tend to think — where our understanding hits a wall at 80 mph.

via On God, Shooting Children, and Having No Answers.

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